‘Ndicel’ ikiss’ slated for international movie score, Holiday in the Wild debuting on Netfix today.

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Afrosoul Singer/Songwriter and Producer Berita has announced that her single, ‘Ndicel’ ikiss’ has been enlisted to be part of the motion picture soundtrack for Netflix’s blockbuster rom-com released earlier today, ‘Holiday In The Wild’ –the first of a string of holiday season original programming.

Netflix’s ‘Holiday In The Wild’, starring Sex and The City leading actress, Kristin Davis, and Actor Rob Lowe – tells the story of Kate Conrad, a stylish Manhattanite, who is about to have her life turned upside down when her husband decides to leave her just as they were to celebrate their ‘second honeymoon’ on an African safari. Having taken the decision to embark on the trip by herself, she ends up staying all the way through the Christmas holiday, discovering that the wildlife inspires her to follow her heart and find new purpose within her own life. We hear the opening chords of the song at the end of the movie, as Kate makes the momentous decision of staying in Africa after finding love.

Ndicel’ikiss was released under her new independent label, Assali Music published by Universal Music Publishing South Africa earlier this year just before Valentine’s day, debuting in time for the love season. Ndicel’ ikiss peaked at number 16 on the radio monitor RAMS charts and has since become a favourite sing-along at concerts and festivals alike.

This sync deal seeks to be an opportunity that will expose Berita’s sound and songwriting to a new audience all around the world. We are very excited about this development and what’s to come.

“Growing up I dreamed of writing music for films, this is truly a dream come true, this is my first sync deal, and it’s a really big deal,” – Berita.

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